Eminem Set To Perform On December 13th At PDM’s Lahore Rally

LAHORE: Marshall Mathers, otherwise known by his stage name, Eminem, surprised not just stans, but the entire Pakistan, this tweet on Tuesday night.

But why is the critically acclaimed US rapper making a visit to Pakistan? “Well, Nawaz and I’ve got a lot in common. Like, when I was rap battling, I kept getting booed off the stage. Paul tells me Nawaz has been Prime Minister thrice, and everytime he has been forced to step down.” Revealed the Detroit rapper.

Eminem found another striking similarity between himself and the ex-Prime Minister. “Growin up, money was short so we kept getting evicted. This guy has been exiled from the country so many times, I know what he’s goin through, getting kicked outta your home. It sucks man, and I just wanna support him in any way I can.”

Pakistan Democratic Movement, or PDM, is a coalition of political parties in Pakistan against the current government.

Disclaimer: This article mocks an actual event, and has been published for entertainment purposes only. All names used are fictional and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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