“Any Properties I Own Were Bought On Minecraft.” Ishaq Dar

-London: BBC News’ HARDtalk is widely acclaimed for it’s hard hitting interviews. Ishaq Dar was no exception to the vicious barrage of questions dished out by the show’s host, Stephen Sackur. Being a former Minister for Finance, Dar might have expected the interview would feature his take on Pakistan’s recent economy. Instead, he was questioned about his alleged properties.

How many properties do you and your family own?”, asked Stephen. Dar was very confident in his response. “Any properties I own were bought on Minecraft.” He said. “My gaming PC has been confiscated, I no longer have access to those properties. And yes, my son’s Minecraft account does have a mansion, but that’s only because his friend gifted him a voucher for Minecoins.”

Ishaq Dar has been undergoing therapy in London for the past 3 years, delaying his return to Pakistan. His doctors in London confirm that he was indeed a hardcore Minecraft player, and that all his cervical problems have arisen from a poor gaming posture.

Disclaimer: This article mocks an actual event, and has been published for entertainment purposes only. All names used are fictional and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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