Google Servers Crash After 20M Pakistanis Search “Shafqat Mahmood” Within An Hour

Pakistan- Monday, November 23rd began just like any other day in this epidemic-stricken world, but for the people of Pakistan, and especially for this one man, everything was about to be changed forever. With COVID-19 cases in Pakistan on the rise again, speculations and rumors about whether or not the educational institutions would be closed had been making rounds on social media for the past week.

A conference was held in the afternoon, and the Minister for Education himself, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood, brought all those rumors to life. This was exactly what this nation needed in these bleak times. It was ‘chaand raat’, it was the 14th of August, it was like winning the champions trophy all over again- it was magical. Within an hour, the words “Shafqat Mahmood” were searched over a 20 million times on Google, their servers crashing beneath the weight of Pakistan’s newest celebrity. And it was not just Pakistan, the whole world had fallen for Mr. Shafqat by the day was done.

Elon Musk invited Shafqat Mahmood and his family to be the first ones to colonize Mars. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce selection committee announced that Shafqat Mahmood would be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Madam Taussauds were overjoyed to declare that work on immortalizing Shafqat Mahmood had already begun, and promised that the date for unveiling the wax figure would soon be made public. Our sources also tell us that Mr. Shafqat is set to replace Mr. Imran Khan as the next prime minister of Pakistan as well as the president of PTI.

Memes based on a true story indeed!

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