Guy’s black t-shirt dress code is not strategic, he’s broke

Many tech geniuses are known for their self-defined uniforms. The Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is always seen wearing a plain grey crewneck with dark-colored jeans and a banhammer around his waist – seen only by the trolls of the internet. Theranos founder and former CEO, Elizabeth Holmes was acclaimed for her turtleneck uniform and revolutionizing the con industry by making false claims of revolutionizing the blood testing procedures. The star of That 70’s Show, Steve Jobs, was notorious for his black mock turtleneck and jeans.

As boring as it may seem, it’s a strategic choice. Getting dressed takes only seconds and shopping decisions remain fairly simple. Nobody can accuse you of being poor or boring either when you’re worth billions of dollars. Someone who is not worth billions of dollars, and with no prospects of ever becoming one, is a denizen of the city of Islamabad whose wardrobe comprises only of back t-shirts.

“Dressing up is a social construct,” the pseudo-nihilist, social critic with shoddy knowledge of Nietzsche’s philosophy claims. Not having showered for 8 days, the guy who wanders with an attitude of intellectual superiority, argues that fashion is subjective and for this reason alone it has no place in the life of a rational person. “We’re all gonna die anyway,” he pronounced while shying away from a deodorant.  

“I’m not trying to prove that I’m different,” he said while desperately trying to prove he’s different. “I just don’t live my life for appearances’ sake,” he profoundly added and went on to contemplate for the next six hours about what to post on Facebook next that will make him appear smart.

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