Panic among Indian Armed Forces as Imran Khan threatens to stand up for another half hour on only one leg

Last Friday, upon PM’s request, the entire nation stood still for 30 minutes to show solidarity with Kashmir against India’s decision to revoke the special autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir. The protest shook India at its roots as people swarmed on the roads blocking all routes, putting the country on a standstill.

Despite a huge blow to India’s efforts through this exhibition, India continues to limp towards the occupation of Kashmir. As a final blow, Imran Khan warned that if Indian Armed Forces do not retreat from Kashmir, he will launch a full-scale one-legged protest against the tyrants.

“That’ll show ‘em,” he tweeted.

Prime Minister also suggested that if India doesn’t desist from its illegal actions, he will be forced to launch the secret weapon – meditation. “Once the nation starts meditating, there is no stopping us from embracing our destiny,” the PM professed, “a content nation is worth more than a prosperous one.”

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