Inspired by the Instagram Model, Abid Sher Ali is selling his own bathwater for $40

Recently a well-known Instagram model, Bella Delphine, started selling her bathwater to ‘thirsty gamer boys’ for $30 a jar. The revolutionary entrepreneur aimed to fulfill the needs of her 3.9 million followers and sold hundreds of units within days. It was only a matter of time that this brilliant idea would inspire some other influential personalities.

Fast forward to last week – Abid Sher Ali, the 47-year-old National Assembly member, announced that he will follow the same business model to sell his own bathwater to his followers. The aim of his business idea is two-fold; it saves many gallons of bathwater from being wasted as the country is facing a severe water crisis and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit in the country’s youth.

“As a former Minister of State for Power and Water, I know the power of water,” the visionary said in an online statement, “so in the next general election, everyone who votes for me will get a free jar of my bathwater as a gesture of gratitude.”

But as soon as the word got out, many thirsty gamer boys from around the country wanted to get their hands on the sumptuous treat and no one is willing to wait till the general election. And what of the people who are not eligible to vote for him? The humble politician quickly acknowledged the market demand and opened up a distribution channel to ship hundreds of jars around the country for $40 a pop.

“For too long we have suppressed the needs of gamer boys in this country,” the former minister professed, “but I will make sure that their demands are met and their contribution to the economic development of this country is acknowledged.”

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