Left condemns birthdays after Trump celebrates his

In a shocking move ‘president’ of the U.S.A, Donald Trump celebrated his birthday with his family and friends at the white house. Born on June 14, 1946, Donald Trump cheated Hillary Clinton out of her presidency by winning the elections against her. This has led to him celebrating his birthday inside of the white house, a move unprecedented by even the most learned of political think tanks.

            One of the political think tanks based in California had this to say “Something like this has never happened before in history. A president celebrating his birthday!?! Can you imagine if President Lincoln or F.D.R had celebrated their birthdays while in office? This so-called ‘president’ is breaking all norms of the presidency!”

            Of course, people took extreme notice of this aggressive action by the ‘president’ of our nation. All through the day many Californians have been posting angry tweets and updating their Facebook status in response to this unforeseen move. Femrise1756 said “In response to this I’ve told my entire friends circle to never celebrate birthdays again”

            There are numerous reports of people burning birthday cards, throwing milkshakes on people who celebrated their birthdays and even parents who have refused to let their children celebrate their birthdays. Even though as a journalist I’m not supposed to express my opinion but I will say that I am proud of the denizens of our nation who have banded together against the repressive regime of Donald Trump and stopped celebrating their birthdays. Congratulations!

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