Government considers taxing air to generate more revenue

The Federal government is mulling to impose taxes on air. The government has prepared the documents to impose taxes worth billions of rupees on air in order to generate more revenue and get the country out of the financial turmoil.

“For years people have been breathing the air for free,” said a representative, “tell me, how can the government function and pay off the loans if people keep taking the resources for free? What’s so outrageous about it? We pay for the water, the land we live on, why can’t people pay for the air they breathe so inconsiderately?”

“Some say we are burdening poor people by imposing the tax, but that is nonsense! We will make sure that we tax the rich more. There will be relief packages for the poor, while the rich will face higher tax rates. So I don’t see how we’re ‘burdening’ the poor. If anything, we’re helping them by taxing them less,” he continued.

The government is prepared to set up industries which will capture all the air in the atmosphere and then redistribute it among the tax paying citizens. The operation is likely to create 10 million jobs – as the government promised in the election campaign. However, the industries will remain nationalized for an unspecified period.

“There are health benefits attached to this scheme as well,” the representative boasted, “We will filter the air and make it pollution free – making it safer for people to breathe. It will also make people considerate of how much air they are wasting. Why breathe twice in a short period when you can breathe once and stay alive just the same?”

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