Pappu soday wala launches his own cryptocurrency

In a surprising move today, Pappu soday wala announced that he would be launching his own cryptocurrency to facilitate the sales of his sodas in our neighborhood. After the huge success which Waqar Zaka gained from his Tehreek-i-Tech movement, Pappu soday wala realized that he could gain much from launching his own crypto.

            Pappu soday wala has been selling soda in our very own neighborhood for decades and the sound of his soda popping off at night has given us all nightmares of people invading our homes at night. He has shaped the thinking of the immediate society around him for decades. Therefore it is no surprise that he wants to influence the direction in which Pakistan grows with the launch of his new cryptocurrency.

            We asked Pappu himself to tell us about his decision to do so. “We have all seen how unstable the economy is and how much the dollar varies in relation to the rupee. This is because it has no hard commodity backing it up” He added proudly after this “And so I came up with the idea of Pappu crypto wala! It is a currency backed up by hard commodity! SODA! I mean everyone drinks soda in our country and this will lead to a revolution of thinking! Everyone will get the new Pappu cryptocurrency!”

            Upon seeing how excited Pappu had gotten, we retreated behind a stone wall as he had started popping off bottle caps which were raining down all around us. A contingent of police arrived soon after to confirm that it was indeed soda bottle caps and not grenades.

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