Scientific evidence suggests that Naya Pakistan exists in some other timeline

The ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, competed for the 2018 general election under its promise to change the country, making a Naya Pakistan. It promised to rid the land from corruption and poverty, strengthen the rupee, make provisions for public education and health, create jobs, and establish meritocracy. Furthermore, the current PM promised never to take a loan and turn the country into a welfare state.

All of these promises were delivered and more. Pakistan is now corruption free, t3he rupee rules the world, no one is jobless anymore, no one is denial free medical treatment, and everyone has access to higher education. Pakistan faces no border tension because there are no borders; the whole world is Pakistan. It has conquered the space and all other planets. Imran Khan is now The Supreme Chancellor of the Milky Way – in some different timeline.

Saying that PTI never delivered on their promises is factually incorrect. Sure, they were unable to come through with it in this timeline, but there is a strong probability that they succeeded in an alternate timeline. There is sufficient scientific evidence which proves the theory of the multiverse. If Spiderman can be black in another reality, why can’t PTI be successful?

“The people who are criticizing the government need to open their minds to other possibilities. This is why we are not successful as other nations; we lack vision,” a government representative said, “I take comfort in the thought that there is a version of me in an alternate reality which has an adequate salary and gets paid on time.”

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