White people finally making reparations for taking Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande to be completely African-American in one year

After years of struggle, the progressives have locked another victory. For ages white people have stolen from the African-Americans; their freedom, their rights, and Michael Jackson. But they should and they will pay a price for their hostile treatment of black people.

The political spectrum is a mess. While the woke white progressives show great courage in supporting minorities and hating their ancestors and the color of their skin, the right wingers seem to support their racist ideology adamantly. Out of the dust storm, appears Ariana Grande – the hero of the progressive movement. Michael Jackson may never be coming back, but the whites are finally willing to trade one of their highly acclaimed pop star as a replacement for the one they took.

“The transition felt almost effortless,” said her manager, “it came naturally to her. One day Ariana stepped out of her tan bed, ‘I feel as if I’m a black woman’ and I thought to myself, ‘why not? She would make an amazing black queen!’ So I said to her, ‘you stay in your tan bed long enough, and you will be one.’”

Slavery reparations are a focal point of discussion among Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. But what the country needs is a strong black woman as the President to make these reparations. The eyes can’t help but turn towards Ariana Grande – famous, resilient, and soon to be black. Whether she will run for Presidential campaign or not is unclear, but her representatives have confirmed that she will completely transform into a black woman before the general election next year.

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