Finance minister to give steroids to rupee as the final resort

The Pakistani currency has experienced the worst fall against the US Dollar, standing at 163 rupees per dollar. What’s behind the ongoing devaluation of Pakistani rupee? According to health experts, it’s a high level of cholesterol and fat in the body, leading to a double chin on the face and the stomach. The Finance Minister of Pakistan, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, formed a body of trainers and health experts to bring the rupee back into shape.

After months of training, the rupee still hasn’t found any stability. The top economists are concerned that if the rupee keeps getting devalued at this rate, we might face hyperinflation soon. To address this concern, the Finance Minister collaborated with the trainers and formed a consolidated strategy to give rupee steroids.

“We did everything right. We bought a treadmill, some weights and created a diet plan with the help of international nutritionists. But the fact is, the rupee will keep falling against the US dollar,” he said in an interview, “Everyone knows that many steroids were given to dollar earlier in its history and we’re certain that it’s still being practiced. If we keep training the rupee at this rate, we’ll never catch up to the dollar. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“We have also been studying our historical records. When the Rouble was stronger than the dollar, they used to give genetically enhancing materials to their currency, which meant that the currency was stronger during birth. They would create the Uber currency which was better than anything else,” The minister added proudly “We’ve opened up our genetic testing laboratories and are already proceeding with the experimentation to create the perfect currency.”

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