If Pakistan wins the World Cup its Imran Khan’s victory and if it doesn’t, its Ehsan Mani’s loss

Sarfaraz’s XI continues the tradition of being unpredictable in this World Cup as well. One game, they’re at the top, the other they seem entirely out of control; there is no middle ground. The critics too are as capricious as the team itself. No one is quite sure where the team is heading, but one thing is for sure: if they win, it is Imran Khan’s victory.

In 1992, Imran Khan led the whimsical national side in a similar fashion, and eventually won the World Cup. This time around, Imran Khan is not leading the team, but he’s leading the nation. And like the team from 92’, they’re still unpredictable. “People accuse us of lacking consistency,” Ehsan Mani said in an interview, “but the reality is we’re consistently unpredictable.”

If by any chance Pakistan ends up winning the World Cup, all credit goes to Imran Khan for his efforts towards the reformation of the cricket team. After all, he was the one who nominated Ehsan Mani as the Chairman of the PCB. Of course, if they don’t, Ehsan Mani is the culprit for not doing his job well. All the good that’s left in the Pakistani side is a blessing of Imran Khan’s undoubted wisdom, and the bad is Ehsan Mani’s incapability of not sharing that wisdom.

However, the miscreant here is Najam Sethi too, who laid the foundation for the new Pakistani side. Before Imran Khan, they used to play with sticks and stones, and now they play with professional equipment like they are playing with sticks and stones.

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