Tax evading boomer believes feminism is ruining the world

The 59-year-old boomer, Shabbir, spoke out loud against feminism tenth time during this week. Shabbir was attending a wedding where he saw some women dancing and celebrating, after which he began addressing a group of young men sitting at his table.

“These entitled, spoiled feminists are everything that is wrong with the society today,” Shabbir said in an aggressive tone, “What do they want? Rights? In my days we would do anything we wanted and never complain about rights. We hung out in public, smoked cigars and got home to cooked meals. We gave every right to our wives to cook meals and take care of the household. What else do these feminists want?”

“Let me tell you; these feminists are worse than the Nazis. They get behind their keyboards and try to “educate” people. When in fact, what they are doing is shooting up a bunch of well-established narratives that formulate our peace-loving society. The worst part is that some men support these women. Why? Didn’t their mama love them enough?”

Shabbir, who refuses to believe in climate change, believes that science ‘proves’ that men are much stronger – both mentally and physically – than women. “Why to refute the law of nature?” he pleaded, “Women these days have no class. Back in my days, there used to be only a handful of women in sight out in the streets, and I remember how exciting it was to stare at them. Now you can see them everywhere, and there is no excitement left. It doesn’t stop me from staring at them, but where’s the tease?”

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