So-called friend of minorities, Jibran Nasir, has never represented gamers – the most oppressed minority

Hamza, the 20-year-old gamer from Karachi, recently got dumped by his girlfriend for telling people she’s her girlfriend despite her turning him down every single time. Hamza says that he’s tired of constantly getting friendzoned for pursuing a hobby that actually improves your cognitive ability and makes you smarter.

“I’m brilliant for a 20-year-old. I don’t know much about the world around me but I know everything about the Warhammer 40k universe and Warhammer universe is a lot bigger and better so I’m more intelligent than those who claim to have a good grasp on history and science of this world,” Hamza claimed, “but there is no appreciation for that. For years, we gamers have suffered. We are constantly being attacked by politicians and our mothers alike. Just recently an Islamic fatwa was imposed on PUBG which further maligned the gaming community. Perhaps these people are not aware that our intellect is unparalleled, which says a lot about our society.”

“PUBG has taught us how to survive. Minecraft has taught us how to mine. Battlefield has taught us how to aim and shoot. We are the most intelligent people to walk on this earth and once we step out of the house, we can bend the world to our command but the world is not ready for us yet, so we stay in our virtual kingdom. All we ask in return is not to be discriminated against,” Hamza continued.  

Commenting on the lack of representation in the political arena, Hamza expressed that political activists like Jibran Nasir are part of the dirty game being played against us gamers. “You will always find him speaking for pseudo-oppressed minorities like Shias and Ahmadis but never once has he ever spoken for the actual victims of oppression – gamers.”

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