Kim Jong Un orders the execution of Trump but disappointed his authority does not exceed national borders

Following the failed second summit in Vietnam, furious Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of Trump along with several other US officials involved in the negotiations. This way, the North Korean dictator believes, they can cut the chase to World War III and get it over with so once again he can go back to his normal self and work towards economic development and peaceful relationship with other countries.

Last month Kim Jon Un executed the North Korean negotiator responsible for orchestrating the meeting with Trump. Dear Leader believed that he had turned into a ‘cultural American’ and following the same logic he has concluded that Trump is the head of American imperialistic culture taking the world by storm.

We managed to get a few anonymous sources from within the North Korean ministries to tell us the entire background story of what happened. Apparently, the immortal leader of North Korea was an avid watcher of Game of Thrones, upon watching the death and destruction brought by Dany he rushed online to express his admiration for her choices. However, he discovered the American imperialistic swine had once more demonized genocide and fought back using violent words by telling her that needless murder was incorrect. He was also furious over the clear demonization of absolute dictatorships expressed subliminally by the unwanted murder of the revolutionary Night King.

This led directly to his most recent address in which he demanded the head of Trump after beginning to truly understand the death to which the Americans will sink to force their agenda on every human. Therefore he decreed that it was the responsibility of every North Korean citizen to follow his orders to the letter and give up their individual freedoms to fight for his right to get the Game of Thrones ending he wanted.

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