India warns Pakistan about a top secret missile strike on June 18 at 1:57 am in Rawalakot near Muzafarrabad with 1980s Russian ballistic missile technology

The Indian Armed forces continue to show resilience in the face of failed missions and constant embarrassment. At a press conference, the Indian Chief of the Army Staff – General Bipin Rawat – called India’s military might “stronger than ever” and expressed that it plans to eliminate all threats from Pakistan especially in the Kashmir region, specifically in the Rawalakot city, through a secret missile strike before they get any chance to pack up their hidden cache of weapons and move to another location.

“Pakistan is at India’s mercy,” General Bipin Rawat claimed, “if we wanted, we could’ve taken Lahore back in ’65 but we got homesick.”

“It has come to our knowledge that the Pakistani army harbors secret ninja assassins from Konohagakure and is working closely with their Hokage. These ninjas are responsible for throwing Shuriken on our brave soldiers serving at the Kashmir border,” Bipin professed, “They are highly trained and with our highly advanced 1980s technology, we will take them out at 1:57 a.m. on June 18. I repeat, 1:57 a.m.”

“We have also been informed that the acclaimed terrorist leader, Naruto Uzumaki, is currently being sheltered by the Pakistani military and intelligence services. We have sufficient evidence to prove this in any international court but we will not,” Bipin said confidently. “Huh, did you think we would disclose our confidential evidence so easily?”

The Indian General seemed confident that they will wipe out all the ninja terrorists before they even get a whiff of the secret mission and get a chance to go back to Konohagakure.

After the conference, a 21-gun salute was performed in honor of the pigeons who conducted espionage bravely in the enemy territory and managed to gather the secret information about the Pakistani ninja death squads serving to wreak havoc on the Indian soil.

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