Chivalrous man shocked as he didn’t get laid for holding the door

At a time where chivalry is dying, you will not find many brave men willing to show courtesy to their female counterparts. In an incredible act of heroism, Daniyal (who chooses to pronounce his name as Daniel) went rushing towards the door when he saw an attractive young lady reaching out to grab the handle.

“I am a man of principles,” Daniyal claimed, “and I live by this code: help out any person in any way I can, no matter what, especially if they are women. It is disappointing to see that many young men these days keep to themselves and don’t offer women any help when they don’t ask for it.”

Daniyal expressed that he would do the same for a man but men are capable of doing it themselves. “Look, I’m a feminist. I say women should be able to do anything they want and I want every woman to know that I allow them the freedom they desire. Ladies, I am one of you and just like any other person, I want to feel like I belong,” Daniyal spoke in a soft tone that was previously unheard by his family, “but what did I get? A ‘thank you’? How is that fair considering all that I have done for women? At least I deserved her phone number.”

“No, I don’t think I’m special for being a gentleman. But if you think about it, there aren’t many gentlemen left, so I am in the minority which makes me special,” Daniyal added, “The fact that – despite my compassionate personality – I’m still a virgin, says a lot of about why nice guys are dying out.”

Daniyal professed that nice men like him just want to be recognized for their good behavior and should be occasionally rewarded with female companionship. “That way, we won’t have to say a non-PC term to women who refuse to sleep with us despite us paying the food bill,” he added.

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