Fans start petition to get GoT showrunners arrested for ‘murder’ of TV show

Millions of angry fans have flocked together in numbers online and started a petition calling for David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to be taken into police custody with immediate effect. Their crime? First-hand murder of the acclaimed and once beloved TV show Game of Thrones for which the aforementioned two individuals worked as showrunners, writers, and occasional directors. The petition demands that the two be arrested and brought into court where trials should commence without further delay. It was started online following the controversial penultimate episode that depicted the Last War for the Iron Throne. Although the episode was a grand spectacle to behold in terms of cinematography, fans were absolutely incensed to see Danearys Targaryan turn into a heel without warning. They were also furious about the anti-climatic and underwhelming demise of two other primary characters in the form of Jaime and Cersei Lannister, the latter of which a majority of fans hoped would die gruesomely.

Abdul Majid, a GoT fanatic living in D.I. Khan had the following to say,

“I cannot stand what the two writers have done to this show. They let characters grow slow and steadily over the course of seven seasons only to take a hot steaming pile of shit on them in the final one. I am literally crying on the inside thinking about what they have done to my favourite show.”

Saleha Muzammil, an IT student in Islamabad said, “I wanted to pluck out my eyes when Danearys decided burning the goddamn Kings Landing was a good idea. More than that I wanted to cut off the fingers of the writers so they could never massacre another TV show or character arc again.”

As of now, the petition has garnered 7 million signatures and it is assumed that once it hits the 10 million mark, Mr. Benioff and Weiss will have to walk into trial (without the chance of trial by combat), or start planning to fake their deaths and go into exile in a third-world country far away from the home they’ve known.

Whatever the case, we here will keep you informed. Until then, Ciao and good luck for the next episode which will mercifully end this sadistic kicking of a dead horse.

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