A symphony of fire and ice, love and revenge…

On Monday almost everyone we knew was discussing the second last episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. If someone was not discussing it, then they were probably starting from season 1 because its time they understood whats going on around them.

Rarely in the history of television has a TV show managed to keep the audience happy till the end of the series. The shows have their ups and downs and writers cannot maintain to keep the graph stable.
Game of Thrones, is a TV show based on the famous series of books by G.R.R Martin. We are well aware of the hype and the fame of the show and what the story-line holds for us. We have read numerous theories, speculations and reviews about the characters, story-line and the finale itself.

We are one episode away from the most awaited finale in the millennial era. Season 8, the final season has left the audience shocked, and not the kind of shocked they wanted to be. 

There are all kinds of emotions spread like wildfire on the internet right now engulfing the whole of cyber world. People are shocked, disappointed, hurt, upset and most importantly in denial.

I, however, want to point out two different angles today, which are the journey of the audience and the unexpected change of the “character” of the seasons.

17.4 million Viewers watched the premiere of season 8. This is how massive the size of the human emotion ball is that has hit the internet. After having an entire day spent upon thinking about todays episode and after crossing all the stages of grief , denial, anger, bargaining, depression I reached acceptance. Now heres the conflict, the audience was fed with shock after shock, adrenaline rush, monumental disbelief in the story line over the period of 8 years and now the audience which has become a junkie and is craving its dose to get that high, has been hit with a plethora of emotions instead. I mean I understand the total chaos and confusion in the audience’s minds but there is nothing whatsoever possible, no different plot or twist or ending that could have been executed other than what we saw today.

If we look at it individually, I think that season 8 is exceptionally well executed and has been simply poetic in all episodes. Siblings reunited after 8 years, the young princess who’s now a queen is almost reached her destination for which she has lost her husband, children, friends and lover. Two lovers reunite who have sacrificed so much of their time apart …What we are not looking at is how much sacrifice all these characters have made and in the end it all is exploding on screen as high, raw strong human emotion.

Now compare the emotions of the past shock and disbelief to love and ambition of the current season. Let’s name all the emotions we dealt with in today’s episode: anger, betrayal, love, passion, revenge, pride, fear…
The problem is not with the story or the direction, the problem is with the expectation of a higher dose of what we got addicted to. It was beautiful how two lovers died in each other’s arms, it was peaceful and satisfying for two sibling rivals to finally meet and finish off eachother, it was heartbreaking yet full of love how a brother puts his own life in danger to save his siblings, it was insane how the girl who has her eyes set on the throne went mad with rage, it was horrifying for one girl to see an entire city burn down in front of her, devastating for the man watching the woman he is ready to give up everything for turn into a tyrant…this episode was so much more than just an episode. This episode was a symphony of ice and fire…

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