Match Report: Super sub Arya delivers stunning blow to get Winterfell through to the finals

With the UEFA Champions League being in full force with the semi final ties between Ajax – Tottenham, and Barca – Liverpool, there is yet another perhaps even greater Westeros Champions League semi final tie that took place between Winterfell FC and the White Walkers United on Sunday.

The match was an incredibly intense affair with the Walkers dominating for most of the match before a final counterattack led by an inspired Arya Stark delivered the damaging blow and got Winterfell through to the finals.

It started as expected, with Winterfell using the Dothraki to attack from the flanks but the Walkers were far too powerful for the savage horde of riders whose threat got extinguished without much hassle. They immediately followed with attacks of their own and it seemed as if Winterfell would be torn to shreds by the destructive attacking nature of the Walkers. Minute after minute, the Walkers United delivered crushing blows to the Northerners. However there was a brief patch in between where club legend Jon Snow along with new signing Danearys gave the Walkers something to think about as they unleashed blaring hot dragon fire on their lines. However it was their captain the Night King who eventually put the threat to rest and diffused the attacking threat of the dragons.

The match then turned into a gritty affair especially in the midfield as Walkers fought against the trio of Jamie Lannister, Lady Brienne, and Jorah Mormont who used diamond passes to flabbergast the Dead Army’s midfield. The tide seemed to turn into the Walker’s favor when a Zombie Wun Wun invaded the midfield and caused significant losses to the Northerners. However, the Northerners immediately subbed in the diminutive Lyanna Mormont who suffered a season-ending blow but managed to take down the dead giant with her. The substitution was effective regardless of its permanent consequences for the young Mormont who bravely sacrificed herself for the team.

For the remainder of the match the White Walkers upped the ante and severely compromised Winterfell’s defense lines. This was especially true when the Night King came into the game and single-handedly turned the tide in his side’s favour. He almost came close to scoring the final goal before last ditch defending by a brilliant and brave Theon Greyjoy saved the Northerners and gave them enough time to launch one final counterattack.

The young Greyjoy drew a horde of defenders towards himself allowing Bran Stark to launch a through ball towards Arya Stark who ran past the goalkeeper and scored the final goal thus ending the White Walkers unbeaten streak and dumping them out of the Westeros Champions League once and for all.

With this victory, Winterfell courses through to the final where they will face Cersei Lannister’s team. Although the win will be of big relief and confidence to the Northerners, they will have to be cautious as they are now without the attacking threat of the Dothrakis and the Unsullied. The Lannisters on the other hand have just had their ranks replenished with Euron Greyjoy and his fleet of 20,000 ships.

Whatever the case, it is going to be one scintillating hell of a final.

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