I spoil TV shows and films for people because my life is tragic

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My name is Shahid. I am a serial spoiler. Which kinda means that I am someone who watches the biggest blockbuster films and/or TV shows and later spoils it for others. The reason I do this is not out of some twisted sense of wanting to fuck with people, but it is a very real illness that I have been suffering from. For you see, when I was a child I had a very difficult childhood. My father used to be an accountant before being disgraced for committing fraud and he later began to find a living selling desi alcohol in the streets. Eventually he took to drinking from the bottle himself and turned abusive. My mother herself was an emotionally absent woman who regularly fought with my father and bullied me in ways that were emotionally devastating. Ever since then, I have grown up to be a damaged adult with extremely low self esteem. I make up for it by striving to gain the attention I was never given as a child by pissing people off in the form of revealing to them spoilers of films and seasons they are super excited to see.

With the recent release of Endgame and the unfolding of the Game of Thrones 8th season, it has been quite a busy time for me lately. A week before the Avengers premiere, I booked my ticket in Cineplex so I could be the first to watch it. After I came out of the cinema, I stood outside chanting what happened in the film and what major character died to the people who were coming in. This didn’t seem to please the moviegoers a lot as they cornered me and beat the crap out of me.

For GOT, I just make sure I watch the newest released episode the moment it drops and after finishing it all, I go to my social media accounts and cleverly reveal the spoilers to people in my friends list. Doing so has made many people unfriend me and call me hurtful names, but still, because I am mentally sick and longing for the human attention I was never given, I don’t think there is any way I can be stopped.

The reason I have told my tragic story is in order to humanize others like me who spoil films and TV shows for people. It’s not that we’re evil per se, it’s just that we’re sick and we want attention and because no one at home or among our friends can give us that, we resort to using slightly extreme means to have that. So please do not hate the people in your life who are giving spoilers. Be kind to them and do not judge them harshly. Who knows you’re just a bad day away from turning into a hopeless lowlife like I have become.

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