German Players Served ‘Mooli Ke Parathay’ In Qatar, Forced To Cover Noses

QATAR: The Middle Eastern country is home to the latest edition of the FIFA world cup, and is foreign territory to the majority of the participating teams. Tourist attractions and local cuisines are dragging these foreigners in huge numbers.

One Pakistani chef, disguising themselves as a Qatari national, served ‘Mooli ke paratahay’ to the unsuspected german players. The result was disastrous, leaving the Germans swelled up with gas. As a result, they were forced to cover their noses for the rest of the day.

German players were also seen supporting rainbow armbands. The team head coach explained, “The heat in the Middle East is harsh, and we are consuming loads of ice cream to beat it. The players love Paddle Pop rainbow swirl, so it’s only understandable that we sport that color.

Disclaimer: This article mocks an actual event, and has been published for entertainment purposes only. All names used are fictional and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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