Government officials claim that they only used BISP funds for charitable purposes

In a post on Twitter, Sania Nishtar, the BISP head, revealed that 2543 officials of Grade-17 and above have availed the funds from BISP Program. BISP, being the country’s largest social safety net is aimed to provide financial assistance to the poorest of the poor in the country. Many of the officers accused of registering themselves, or their spouses, have shared their heroic intentions of only serving as an intermediary between the corrupt public administration and the victims of its negligence.

These members of the public administration claim that they do not trust the public administration and therefore they have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the funds reach the poor. Some have a philosophical opposition to the idea of welfare. “Welfare makes people lazy. If people do not have the means to earn money and are awarded money without having to work for it, then everyone would stop working one day,” an official said in a press release. “I, on the other hand, work 5 hours a day and only get 2 hours of lunch break and 30 minutes of tea break and about an hour of smoke break spread throughout my working hours,” he added, “if anyone is deserving of some extra cash, it’s me.”

“A total sum of 2000 rupees is given to the beneficiaries of BISP. What worth is an amount so low to a grade-17 official, you might ask. I ask what worth is an amount so low to a poor commoner? Is it worth the blood and sweat of going through bureaucratic procedures to get that money? In a way, we are relieving the poor by conserving their precious energy. You never know when you might need it to survive, you know.”  

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