Durust Dam, a catalyst for extended arguments with the fruitseller

Islamabad Capital Territory Administration has collaborated with the National Technology Board to launch an app called “Durust Dam.” The app allows the user to know the right government-backed prices of essential commodities – including fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and other items.

The app is intended to provide customers a solid foundation for their arguments with the fruit sellers and other vendors alike. Since the citizens of the capital city would be able to stay informed on the daily prices of the essential commodities, the vendors shall not be able to rip them off – or so the Chief Commissioner thought.

In response to the growing awareness of customers, unions have started distributing literature on free-market among the vendors. Studies show that upon being confronted by a customer, the vendors are 71 percent more likely to retaliate with the statement, “who should set the prices on these commodities, the market or the government?”

The Chief Commissioner has launched another app to facilitate the customers who find themselves against such rebuttals. The new app informs the citizens of the evils of the free market. However, turns out the sellers can simply refuse to sell you the fruit even if you win the argument.

The government finds itself in a tough spot again but all hope is not lost. ICTA and NTB are rolling out another app soon. The app would be a virtual reality game where the vendor will be selling you commodities on government-backed prices and your children will not go to sleep hungry.

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