No, corruption will be tolerated

A minister today gave a statement to the press which was met by jubilation by the masses. He had finally decided to fight against the rampant corruption present in our government. However, after a few hours, the minister called an emergency press conference. His secretary clarified that he had seen the celebrating crowds and felt a moral obligation to correct his statement. The following was released as a statement: –

            “Many of us are not native speakers of English but that does not mean that we do not adhere to basic rules of language. Most of us actually do so more than we realize. One of the most important things in language, whether spoken or written is the ‘pause’. The pause has many meanings determined by context. It can mean anything from anger to instilling doubt into the other person. In music, it is used to create apprehension and to an even greater degree, it signals different shifts in the tone of the music itself.

            For the longest period of human history, it was considered nigh impossible to determine which parts of the text had pauses in it if the text was written down. Different languages tried different methods but the method adopted by the world today at large is the ‘comma’. If the comma is not read correctly then the meaning of sentences can change radically. Take the title of this article. If the comma is not added then the meaning can change but fortunately, I remembered to add the comma and everything is ok.”

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