Following Spacey’s example, Ukhano comes out as gay, forgets it’s an even bigger crime than harassment in Pakistan


A day after Umar Khan, aka Ukhano, was accused of sexual harassment by many girls on social media, the Youtuber with 270,000 followers made a statement on social media after the allegations went viral and used this opportunity to come out as gay.

“The screenshots were taken out of context,” Ukhano claimed, “I never asked for ‘bold’ pictures. It was a typo; I meant to ask for ‘Bolt’ pictures. You know, Usain Bolt? Isn’t he cute?”

Inspired by Kevin Spacey, the ‘House of Cards’ star who used the gay victimhood card to throw-off the allegations in a similar fashion, Ukhano aimed to gain sympathy from the LGBT community – instead got an arrest warrant from the Punjab Police.

“I realize I was impulsive,” Ukhano said in a statement after the arrest, “but I’ve had time to think, and I’ve been going through my family tree and turns out my great-great-grandfather’s cousin was from a Syed family. I just have to claim my holiness and hope that people will understand that a man with a background like mine can never do a sin as big as sexual harassment.”

“Look, I’m not saying that what I did was right,” he continued, “Absolutely not. But it’s equally possible that it’s not as bad as it seems. I’m going to quote my dear friend Hira Mani, ‘mard ke paas bhe dil hota hai, usko bhe tou samjho.’ I am a family man; I would’ve never pushed these woman that hard if they had just understood my needs in the first place. But they did not; it’s clear discrimination against me and countless other men who face such treatment time after time. Makes you think, who is the real victim here?”

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