Patriotic man settles for mediocre movies to show support for the revival of Pakistani cinema

Pakistani cinema has been undergoing revival for more than a decade now. Throughout this period, a lot of straight-out masterpieces with bad character development, poor scripts, lack of attention to the production design, and truly awful acting have been produced.

God, I sure hope we’ll get to see new actors in the lead and finally let Shaan and Humayun Saeed retire.

Wrong. We’re reviving the box office by rebranding the same actors and cinematic experience. There is a genius in this idea. Since Shaan has done so many bad movies, he knows what constitutes them. As the famous dialogue goes, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” It is imperative that people ignore the lack of vision in these movies branding themselves under “revival of the cinema” and support them because they have fancy production equipment now. There is a considerable difference between Majajan in 3D with Mehwish Hayat as the lead actress and Majajan featuring Saima Noor.

Shahzad, a patriotic man from Lahore, consider this revival a history in making. “What Wes Anderson? Syed Noor is where it’s at,” he boasted, “we’re not like Bollywood. Do we have item numbers? Cheesy love songs? A do-it-all hero? Yes but that’s not the point.”

Every once in a while, a terrible movie like Laal Kabootar releases and pours water all over the efforts of the ‘resurrectors’ of the cinema. With movies like Waar and Yalghaar, Pakistani producers have not only caught up to the contemporary ways of filmmaking, they have also set a new touchstone for international filmmakers which only Pakistani audience acknowledges.

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