Reaching for the Impossible: Pakistan Railways launches a new initiative to be as large as British Railways in the 40s

With the coming of a new budget, brand new initiatives have been launched across the board to help Pakistan develop. One of the major parts of the initiative is to build infrastructure across the board. The minister of Pakistan Railways called a press conference today to outline the new initiative.

He declared that “the railways have been much maligned over the ages and it is time for it to advance into the modern era; therefore, we’ve decided to build brand new railways along the lines of the British in the 40s”. He stressed the importance of dreaming and reaching for the stars. The public at large applauded the initiative. An anonymous man commented, “I won’t be using the railway, but I like to know that I could use it if I wanted to.”

Continuing the press conference the minister wanted to clarify “Some people think that we are talking about 2040 Britain, I want to specify that we are expanding railway tracks to 1940s levels. We want to dream the impossible by settling for colonial standards, not neo-colonial standards.”

To populate the increased number of railways, the Pakistani authorities have contacted the Chinese to sell all of their carriages which are no longer in use. The official said that “Unfortunately we have already purchased all old models from the west and we can no longer rely on them for coal-powered engines.”

This will also lead to an indirect investment in the coal industry who have been looking at falling profits ever since the general population switched over to petrol.

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