New millennial morning show to air at 3 pm

The new millennial morning show, Good Morning, It’s Lunch Time, is bound to air every day at 3 pm. The show is expected to generate a massive audience as the program is tailored to suit the modern standard of entertainment for every millennial.

The show will feature an on-set chef who will serve a variety of signature millennial breakfast dishes like “last night’s leftover,” “ironed grilled cheese sandwich,” and many more. A segment called “Irony Lounge” is expected to be the star of the show as it will highlight utterly nonsensical, absurdist acts that find meaning in its meaninglessness.

There is a political segment as well which will feature one representative of the left wing and one of the right and for an unspecified amount of time the liberal will say “incel” to the conservative and the conservative will say “ok cuck” in response. Through this segment, the makers of the show intend to bring some order to the chaos that has gripped the current political spectrum.

In addition, a segment called “Fantasy World” is set to bring the deepest, most innate desires of the participants come true for the duration of the segment; like paying off all student loans and having a job related to the degree for which the loans were taken. “Of course, we cannot make these dreams come true,” the show creator said, “but we can give these people a notion of what would it be like if they were to come true.”

The show is set to air on all social media platforms and will run an unskippable 15-30 second advertisement after every 6 minutes.

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