Sindh Board still stuck in the past while the world goes by

The world of computers as we know it is an ever shifting, always growing one. A piece of technology that may be innovating the world today can quickly become redundant tomorrow. This is why most schools around the world put great emphasis in making sure children and students have a hands on experience with new technology. These school systems regularly incorporate new cutting edge teaching methods through the use of computers. The year is 2019 and we live in a world where mobile phones have more power than the computers of a decade ago. It is the era of virtual reality, cloud storages, and artificial intelligence and everywhere the world is trying to get atop the train to technological prowess.

However, the Sindh Board has shown that they don’t give a flying ficky-fack about things like growing with the trend of technology. This is because the new edition of Class 9th Computer Science book shows some really interesting things.  For one, they haven’t revised their curriculum beyond the year 2002 because of which the book talks about how Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP are currently the most recent versions of the windows operating system. Apart from that, in a world where USBs, external hard drives, and online cloud storages are the hottest trend, the book still talks about storage devices like CD/DVD ROMs, floppy disks and magnetic tapes. To put it without exaggeration, back when floppy disks were relevant, my grandfather was still trying to coo his first words. When magnetic tapes were still in use, the asteroids hadn’t wiped out all the dinosaurs from earth yet. In short, the computer science book by Sindh Board should not be taught to 7 lac students who will appear for the Matriculation Exam this year, but rather should be archived in a library right beside an ancient manuscript of ‘The Republic’ by Aristotle. That’s how archaic the material in it is.

While it is never nice to know that the officials working in the education department of our country are old farts who don’t know what century we’re living in, we can take some hope from the fact that recently in an interview to Express Tribune, Sindh Bureau of Curriculum Director Asghar Memon admitted that the material in the grade 9th and 10th books had become vastly outdated and efforts were being taken by the board to revise the whole curriculum which would be put into effect starting 2020. Till then we’re just praying Asghar Memon sahb doesn’t think it’s still 2002 like his other peers seem to believe. Otherwise that would suck, if it were true.

So what do you think about the situation? Has Sindh Board turned into the Internet Explorer of our education system? Are kids of this generation better off learning about crap they’ll never get to use?

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